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On Successful Teams …

To build a successful team, you need several facets all working in harmony. Self-motivation and desire Successful teams consist of people who are self-motivated and have an innate desire to succeed. Communication It’s a cliché but good communication is essential. … Continue reading

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Yubikey as Google Authenticator on Ubuntu

How to use Yubikey as a Google Authenticator replacement Continue reading

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WebEx in Ubuntu LXC containers

If, like me, you’ve Googled around looking for a solution to get Cisco WebEx working in Ubuntu and nothing really explained it properly, or you ended up with a messed up system, then I am here to help! Most of … Continue reading

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A rant on printer DRM

EDIT: I found this which works like a charm: This post is unashamedly a total rant about printer DRM. If you don’t enjoy a good rant, you’d better stop reading now. I have the relatively cheap Samsung ML-2240 laser printer. … Continue reading

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Federated Openstack logins using Kerberos

Why? I recently had cause to try to get federated logins working on Openstack, using Kerberos as an identity provider. I couldn’t find anything on the Internet that described this in a simple way that is understandable by a relative … Continue reading

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New MAAS features in 1.7.0

MAAS 1.7.0 is close to its release date, which is set to coincide with Ubuntu 14.10’s release. The development team has been hard at work and knocked out some amazing new features and improvements. Let me take you through some … Continue reading

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Enabling KVM via VNC access on the Intel NUC and other hurdles

While setting up my new NUCs to use with MAAS as a development deployment tool, I got very, very frustrated with the initial experience so I thought I’d write up some key things here so that others may benefit — especially … Continue reading

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