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Python hacker and chronic Lyme Disease sufferer.

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I’m retiring this hosted wordpress site in favour of self-hosting. Please visit: I’ll leave all the old posts up here for posterity, although they have been copied to the new site. Advertisements

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Webex using Ubuntu LXD containers

If you read my previous post WebEx in Ubuntu LXC containers you’ll have learned how to get Cisco’s Webex running on Ubuntu in a 12.04 container. I figured it was time to work out how to get it running in the newer … Continue reading

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On Successful Teams …

To build a successful team, you need several facets all working in harmony. Self-motivation and desire Successful teams consist of people who are self-motivated and have an innate desire to succeed. Communication It’s a cliché but good communication is essential. … Continue reading

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Self-treating Lyme Disease with ozone

DIY ozone treatment Continue reading

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Yubikey as Google Authenticator on Ubuntu

How to use Yubikey as a Google Authenticator replacement Continue reading

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Dr Brad McKay’s response to critical analysis…

Censor it! Continue reading

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Open Letter to Dr Brad McKay

A fisking of a dangerous article by Dr Brad McKay. Continue reading

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WebEx in Ubuntu LXC containers

If, like me, you’ve Googled around looking for a solution to get Cisco WebEx working in Ubuntu and nothing really explained it properly, or you ended up with a messed up system, then I am here to help! Most of … Continue reading

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A rant on printer DRM

EDIT: I found this which works like a charm: This post is unashamedly a total rant about printer DRM. If you don’t enjoy a good rant, you’d better stop reading now. I have the relatively cheap Samsung ML-2240 laser printer. … Continue reading

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SAML Federation with Openstack

This is a bit of a followup to my last post on Kerberos-based federation so this post will make a lot more sense if you read that one. Kerberos didn’t really suit my needs because there’s no real web sign on … Continue reading

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